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“Don’t wait for miracles to happen. The greatest miracle in life is life itself.”

A fulfilling extraordinary life is possible for everyone. There is beauty and magic in the little things. 

Abundela’s mission is to add a touch of inspiration and awaken that feeling of awe and wonder. Every piece of art is created with love.

Omg Daniela, the pictures and the note are the cutest things ever!! You are incredibly talented and articulate. Thank you so much.

Las Vegas, NV

Thank you Daniela for the beautiful prints! You truly are an amazing photographer!

Las Vegas, NV


Hi! I'm Daniela

Owner, Photographer

I’m naturally artsy-craftsy. Photography is one more creative outlet for my artistry. 

Nature is fascinating to me. It has a soothing healing energy that makes me feel grounded and present. I literally can spend two hours in front of a flower with my camera and it would feel like twenty minutes. It’s like meditation. Needless to say, I love nature. But I think you can already see that.

The Chinese have discovered long before quantum physicists that you can surround yourself with "physical" objects that enhance your energy. It’s called Feng Shui. Physical objects vibrate just as we do. If you pay attention to good vibes, you’ll enhance your energy, and if you enhance your energy, you’ll enhance your life.

And that’s why I like to make art that creates good feelings.

Art gives me purpose. I like the way it makes you feel, think, explore. There's never one right answer. Art reflects back what you choose to see. So, why not see the beauty that is already around you?